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Tom Caune: Experience And Training with Investigations

December 24, 2015
Tom Caune is today a private investigator who has a wealth of experience with running capable and effective investigations. There are many people out thee who claim to be capable of this but who do not have the background or the Private Investigator's license, this does not apply to Tom Caune. He has worked hard to ensure that he is well educated and well trained in this field.

Tom Caune attended Central Piedmont Community College, from which he was able to obtain his Associates Degree. During this time he learned a great deal, both about himself and about what he wanted to do in his life. He excelled in his studies and decided to stay on that track. He next made the decision to enroll in school at Pfeiffer University, where he was able to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree, graduating with a Criminal Justice degree.

With more than thirty years of experience as an investigator, clients go to Tom Caune without him having to seek them out, really. He is well recognized as an expert due to his history as a former law enforcement officer, corporate investigator, and successful private investigator.